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The 420 Kitchen is located in their new location of Palm Springs. We serve fresh baked goods that are health conscious and delicious. Our edibles are made with only the finest ingredients. All of our treats are freshly made from scratch. At The 420 Kitchen, freshly made means made in small batches. The menu will have a variety of tasty treats from baked goods to sauces and spreads. The 420 Kitchen randomly has it's products lab tested to ensure that each edible you eat will provide the necessary potency and consistency that you, as a qualified patient, has the choice to choose what works best for you. The range of potency starts at 20-25 mg THC per dose up to 200 mg THC per dose.

I am a member of ASA (Americans for Safe Access) and a member of CAPSCE (The California Association for the Promotion of Safe Cannabis Infused Edibles). 

The 420 Kitchen believes that patients have the right to safe, and healthy alternatives to smoking marijuana.

It is our mission to raise awareness about the medicinal benefits of cannabis infused edibles, while educating patients and producers, alike, about safe manufacturing practices.

 CAPSCE believes that manufacturers of cannabis infused edibles have an inherent obligation to their patients, and communities at large, to produce cannabis-infused edibles in a responsible, professional manner.

Try our homemade specialties!

Only the freshest ingredients!

The 420 Kitchen

(818) 516-5126

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